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I am a wife, graphic designer, pasta fanatic and homebody. I run a small creative agency with my husband but my true passion is our home. I believe that our homes are places that should reflect our dreams and passions, and I hope you never leave here feeling anything less than inspired and encouraged.



what is millennial household?


Millennial Household is a place for anyone whether you’re in a house, a 200 sq. ft. studio apartment, or a bedroom in your parents basement. You deserve to have a space that inspires you to live a full life, and reflect our most authentic passions and personalities.

Our homes have so much to offer us — safety, community, peace, and inspiration. But it’s up to us to create these things in our spaces through intentionality and authenticity. Millennial Household is a community for all of you homebodies out there to be encouraged and inspired to live a happy and healthy life in the spaces that you call home.



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